CIVICPAGE has a number of opportunities for social media engagement. Linking your social media accounts to CIVICPAGE is easy.


Add the links to your social media accounts in the boxes provided under the Civic Settings section. The number of tweets to display will set up the number of tweets to show in the CIVICPAGE sidebar.


The Twitter setup process should be completed by someone on your technical or IT team. We can help you with this if nobody on your team is available. You will need to set up an application on Twitter’s developer website and obtain the following information:

  1. Twitter consumer key
  2. Twitter consumer key secret
  3. Twitter access token
  4. Twitter access token secret

Go to Twitter’s Developer Site  and sign in with your account or create a new one. Next go to Twitter’s Application Page and create a new application.

Once you fill in the Application details you will be taken to a page that looks like this:


Copy the information from Twitter and paste it into your Civic Settings.


When you Save Changes, your social media information will be saved. Now you must add the social media widget to your sidebar.

To do this, simply find the widget in the left column called Default Latest Tweets and drag it into the Latest Tweets box. Your Twitter feed should now appear in the sidebar!