When a user posts a comment, the comment goes to moderation. CIVICPAGE will automatically approve comments for a user who has posted at least one approved comment in the past. For new commenters, their comments go into a pending status until you take further action.

Where to Find Comments

You can always find comments in two places on your CIVICPAGE installation. The first is within the item that the comment refers to. For example, if a user posts a comment about an idea, you can find that comment by going to Ideas, clicking on the Idea the comment refers to, and then scrolling to the bottom of that page. You can also view all comments together in one place on the comments panel.


The Comments Panel

You can view all comments in the Comments panel. When a comment is submitted that must be moderated, you will see a “coin” with the number of pending comments on your dashboard. Click the Comments menu item to be taken to the comments panel.

Here you will see a list of all the comments on your CIVICPAGE. You can tell which ideas need to be approved by their different background color and the red line that appears on the left side of the idea. You can also click Pending to show only those comments that need approval.


Hover over a comment to show the approve option. Click Approve and the comment will appear on your CIVICPAGE. You also have now approved that user for future comments to be automatically sent to published status.

The Edit Screen

Comments can also be viewed on the edit screen of their parent idea or page. For example, you can approve a comment for an idea by going to that idea’s edit screen and scrolling to the bottom. There you will find the comment along with its status. Click Approve and don’t forget to Update the idea.