Your CIVICPAGE is built to handle a variety of news and information entries. Each CIVICPAGE comes with two default locations for news: the Home Page and the News page.

Add and Edit News and Entries

News is stored under the News and Entries panel of your CIVICPAGE dashboard.


You can add and edit News and Entries in CIVICPAGE like you would any other CIVICPAGE element. Click the entry you wish to edit, change the contents, then click Update.


All items under News and Entries will appear on the News Page.

You can designate a certain category of News and Entries to appear on the Home page.

To change an entry category, click on that entry and look in the right column under Categories. Select the appropriate category or create a new one. Don’t forget to click Update.



Change The Home Page Feed

The Home Page of your CIVICPAGE installation displays news by default from the Front Page News category only. You can change this category by going to Civic Settings | General and updating the category from the list.