By default, when a user submits an idea on the map or in text format, ideas get status of Pending. The pending status gives your team time to moderate ideas and remove those that are not appropriate for the site, need personal data removed, and so on.

All of the ideas on your CIVICPAGE can be found on the dashboard by clicking on Ideas.


Now that you are viewing all of the ideas on your site, you might notice that some have a -PendingĀ at the end of their names. This means that the idea was recently submitted but has no yet been approved.

Approving Ideas

It’s easy to approve a single idea. Simply hover over the idea and you will see a menu item called Quick Edit. Click Quick Edit to open the edit options.


There’s a lot of information you can edit here, but the only item that usually applies is the Status. Select published to approve the idea. Then click Update.


The idea is now visible to all users of the site on the front end.

Approve Ideas in Bulk

You might also want to approve a number of ideas at once. This is very simple. Check the box next to each of the ideas you want to bulk edit. Then select Edit under the action menu at the top of the screen and click Apply.


You will be taken to an edit screen where you can edit the properties of multiple Ideas at one time. Find the drop down menu called Status. Select Published and then click Update. The ideas are now visible on your CIVICPAGE.