The top menu bar is the primary means of user navigation around the site.


Main Navigation Menu

Internal Pages

The menu starts out with the most common things a CIVICPAGE site contains, but you can edit the menu yourself via the dashboard.


Editing this menu is incredibly simple. Simply find the page you want to add to the menu in the left column under Pages. Put a check next to the item and click Add to Menu. The menu will appear on the right side of the screen. To re-order menu items you can drag them. Drag to indent and you create a drop down menu.


You can also select the Auto add pages option to automatically add all pages to the menu. This is not recommended for complicated sites.

External Pages

If you want to link to a page that is outside your CIVICPAGE in the menu, use the links box. Simply click the link menu, fill in your external site URL, and add some text.


A final word of caution here: it’s easy to add long menu item names, but the menu bar will quickly fill up and overflow. Use drop-downs to add hierarchy to your menu. Also, keep the names short. For example, instead of Visual Preference Survey, just use Survey.