The home page is auto-generated with your new CIVICPAGE account. The main body of the homepage displays two types of information:

  1. Page content
  2. News & Entries content

Page Content Introduction

Page content is the content at the top of the page.

If the image slider is enabled, the home page content appears below the image slider

This home page content belongs to the page itself. You can take a look in the dashboard at the pages section and see that there is a page titled “Home”. That is what we need to edit to change the top home page.


Page List Screen

You will see a list of the pages on your CIVICPAGE. Click on the home page.


If any of the options are missing on your screen, you can check the “Screen Options” link in the top right corner of the screen. You can show and hide elements of the page edit screen here

Once you click on the home page you will be taken to the page edit screen.

When you hover over a page you can use the quick menu edit to make fast administrative changes like publish and delete, but you typically will click on the page title or edit to change the page contents.

Page Edit Screen



The page title will display at the top of the browser window. If you create new pages in the future you can name them anything you wish.

Add Media

The add media button lets you embed images into your page, crop and scale them, and manipulate them in other ways. You will notice that all the images you upload to the page are available via the media manager.

Basic Formatting

The basic formatting section lets you edit pages like you would a word document. You can increase the font size, add bold and italics, change font colors, and much more.

Special Formatting

The special formatting section contains a powerful set of tools that let you create buttons, collapsible menus, and other page styling.

The special formatting section is not recommended for beginning users. Please contact us for help with these options if you have trouble.


Edit as HTML

Edit HTML lets anyone who understands HTML create custom styling for their page. Used alongside the custom CSS box inside the settings section, almost anything can be done style-wise= with the edit HTML tab.

Advanced Users: If the Visual formatting tab is not producing expected results, it can be helpful to edit in the HTML tab to clear out unwanted style tags


Page Publishing Information

A page with a status of published can be viewed on the web. The published on date is usually not visible on CIVICPAGE, but can be useful for ordering News & Entries and downloads since CIVICPAGE orders those items by date published.

Use the Preview Changes button to see your changes before you make them live.


Page Content

The page content is what will appear on the home page. Anything you add here–images, videos, text, links, etc.–will be visible on the home page.

Advanced Features

Some custom features require use of these options. The page attributes tab is an advanced feature that should not be used unless recommended by CIVICPAGE staff.

News and Information Content

The content at the top of the home page is only displayed on the home page. Below that content there is a news feed that by default is called¬†Front Page News. This section displays the latest News & Entries posts with the category of “Front Page News”. To view these posts, go to your dashboard and click on News & Entries.



You will be taken to the the listing page for News & Entries. Note that it looks very similar to the listing page for Pages.


When you click on an entry you will be taken to the edit page. You can edit the content of each entry just like you would edit a page. The important difference here is the category. You can add as many categories as you want, but only one can be added to the front page. If this is unchecked the entry will not appear on the front page.


To set the category that does appear on the front page, simply navigate to Civic Settings | General Settings and change the category you want to appear on the front page.