If you aren’t already in the dashboard, visit yoursite.civicpage.com/wp-admin and enter your login information. If you are already logged in you can click on the dashboard button in the black menu bar at the top of the screen on your site.


Note: only logged in administrators see this menu bar.

Now that you are in the dashboard, this page will go over the dashboard sections and what they control. This list starts from the top of the dashboards screen and works its way down.


Your Account

Links to information about your account such as current status, options for upgrading, and so on.

News & Entries

News and Entries are snippets of information pertaining to your project. These include news articles, blog posts, public notices, and so on. You can add as many News & Entries as you want. You can also create categories of News & Entries and select only one category to display on the homepage.


The ideas section lists all community ideas, whether they are on a map or text-based. Here you can view the ideas, approve ideas, view the comments, and add idea types complete with custom pins.


Downloads are easy for you to add. Put things here like plan drafts, meeting flyers, notices, images, and so on.


It is very easy to add upcoming events here. These events will show up on both the events page and also the front page in the right sidebar if you have that widget enabled.


The media manager stores the files and images you use on your site. This section is generally accessed via one of the other sections (you might upload an image directly to a page, for example) but you can always access all of your site’s files and images here.


Pages are the largest building blocks of a CIVICPAGE. A page contains things like News & Entries, Ideas, Downloads, and so on. You can view all the pages on your CIVICPAGE here.


If you have comments enabled you will be able to view, edit, approve, and remove them here. Comments might exist for a Page, a News & Entries item, an Idea, a Download, or an Event.


Here you will adjust the settings that make your CIVICPAGE work. Please see the How To’s for the feature you are interested in for a more in-depth look at settings.


Each community member and administrator will have their own CIVICPAGE account. Users can set up their own CIVICPAGE account from your site, but you can also manually add users here, edit their permissions, and so on. For example, a user might have signed up as a community member but later becomes a volunteer in charge of managing your CIVICPAGE account. You can give them a higher access level here.


The maintenance plugin allows you to remove access to the site until it is ready for the public to see. You don’t want the public stumbling upon a half completed site, and this tool will allow only registered users to view the site.