CivicPage makes it easy to add one or more visual/image preference surveys to your site. These surveys allow community members to rank images on a scale of one to ten. This helps communities collect valuable information about the types of development and urban design their community members prefer. After the survey closes you can export this data into an excel sheet that lists the average score of each image, standard deviation, and detailed comment and vote breakdowns.

Create a Survey

Each survey lives inside its own page. To create a new survey simply navigate to your dashboard and click on Pages | Add New Page.


Name your survey in the title block of your new page. For example, you could call it “Downtown Image Survey”. Next simply check the box that says This is a Survey.


Begin Uploading Your Images

Survey images are organized by image galleries. Now that you have named the survey and checked the This is a Survey box, click the Add Media button.


You will be taken to the standard Add Media window. Click Create Gallery.


Create the Gallery

The Create Gallery window lets you upload multiple images at once or one image at a time. Upload your images into the gallery window, make sure they are all checked, and then click Create New Gallery.

Note: You can use images from the media gallery that you have uploaded previously as well.




Make sure the settings look like this:



Add Introductory Text

You will now see a blue box in the body of your page that indicates that the gallery has been inserted properly. You can now add introductory text to the page that your users will see when they are taking the survey.


Click Publish.


Your survey is now ready!

See the separate How To to learn how to download the data your community members submit.