Creating a CIVICPAGE account is easy. Our installation process takes minutes!

Launching your new CIVICPAGE

Signing up is easy. Navigate to and look in the upper right corner for the join link.


You will be asked to fill in some basic information about yourself. When you have entered this information select “Create a New CivicPage!” at the bottom of the page and then click the “Next” button.


The process for existing CIVICPAGE users is very simple. Just login on and click the New CIVICPAGE link in the upper right corner.


Choosing a Web Address

CIVICPAGES are by defualt on a subdomain. For example, if your project was called Chicago Plan, you might select We can also create a custom url for you. That might look like

Enter the first part of your subdomain here. If you want to go with a custom url please just create a default url address now and contact us to get the custom domain set up.


Confirm Your Email

If you just signed up for a new account you will also need to confirm your account by e-mail before the CIVICPAGE is launched. If this is not your first CIVICPAGE your site should be available in about a minute. Don’t refresh the screen while it is building your page.

Your CIVICPAGE is all set! It now needs to be populated with your information. Click the next How To link below to see the next tutorial in the series.