Introduction to Pages

Pages are the most basic form of organization in CIVICPAGE. The basic pages included with your CIVICPAGE installation include:

  • Home
  • Contact
  • Events
  • Ideas
  • Surveys
  • Downloads
  • News

Listing Pages

Each of these pages are listed in your dashboard under the Pages panel.


The pages panel displays each page that exists on your CIVICPAGE installation.

It is possible for a page to exist but for it to not appear in your menu. To add the page to the menu you must visit the Menu panel under Civic Settings.

Adding and Editing Pages


You can add a new page by clicking the Add New button at the top of the screen. This will take you to the edit screen.


You can also edit an existing page by clicking on its name in the page listing panel.

The edit screen has two main components:

  1. Title
  2. Content

All pages should be given both a page title and page content. The permalink section is filled in automatically, though you can edit the permalink (web address) of the page at any time.


You can add images, text, HTML code, videos, and special interactive widgets all in the edit window. Simply edit this screen like a word document. Don’t forget to click Update or Publish when you are done.

howto-buttons-update howto-button-publish

You can add as many pages to your CIVICPAGE account as you wish.

Allowing Comments on Pages

You can also enable comments on a page by page basis by checking Allow Comments in the discussion box on the bottom of the page.


Previewing and Saving Pages

Everything related to saving and publishing your page occurs within the Publish block. As you are editing your page, you can save your changes periodically with the Save Draft button. Once you are ready to publish your page, first check that everything looks correct with the Preview button. This will take you to an unpublished preview of the page. When everything is satisfactory and you are ready to go live with your page, click publish. Your page is now visible to the public.


Editing Page Attributes

Page attributes should only be edited by expert users. For custom pages, be sure No Parent and Default Template is selected.